Stephanie Jones, Certified Hypnotherapist
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Reach Stephanie by phone at 323-369-8221 or email.

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"I care deeply about helping to free people from feelings of emotional pain, trauma, blocked energy, confusion, sadness and fear. Releasing those feelings and transforming them into feelings of empowerment and individual co-creative control.

The combination of astrology and hypnosis is unsurpassed in my experience as a tool for conscious self-awakening, empowerment and personal growth. Astrology illuminates the soul path and hypnosis aligns the mind to bring it forth with much greater clarity, peace and grace.

Taken together or separately, I've received more positive change from these two modalities than any other I have ever experienced."

– Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists.

With additional studies in counseling and psychotherapy, forensic hypnosis and parts therapy, she specializes in pattern release and energy redirection.

She is also an astrologer and astrological counselor with 25 years experience.

Testimonials - Astrology

"Stephanie has the Highest Level of Integrity in all that she does. As an Astrologer, I have always experienced Stephanie as a Divine Gift, Friend and Guiding Light. She has a way of translating the moving energies into language that is individually understandable and focused for our Highest Good and long term growth in digestible usable bites. I am committed to living my life fulfilling my highest purpose while I am here. As my life changes and grows, so does my purpose, and Stephanie's wise and grounded reading of the current energies has been immensely helpful and insightful. May you also be blessed with the gifts that Stephanie offers so generously." –Constance Van Eaton

Wow!  That was fun!  Thank you so very much for your amazing reading!  Your choice of words and explanation of energies are poetic!  They gave me goosebumps!  Thank you for sharing your gift with me.  I think you are fabulous! – Barb

Thank you so much for your wise, uplifting and kind words - your message resonated so deeply with this soul's journey. – Heidi

Thank you for helping me understand my life path.  I know it may be difficult for me but you helped me see more clearly and that there is light at the end of the road.  People like you who are special help people like me feel special. – Kim

Thank you so very much for the reading.  It was inspirational and moving and I have been singing your praises! – Laura

Testimonials - Hypnosis

Thank you so much for doing the phone session!  I feel soooo much better!  Almost normal!  Had several people comment how much better I seem .  I had an unusual couple experiences right after our session.  Went outside and my vision was exceptionally clear, near and far, and colors were more intense, all the trees, plants, grass.  Lasted about an hour it was amazing. – Diane

This is sort of like accelerated psychoanalysis.  Hypnotherapy is great for stage fright, smoking too much, drinking too much, and eating too much - pretty much anything that ails you.  I live by it and can tell you first hand it changed my life.  You have to able to abandon yourself to the Hypnotherapist; if you can do this, you will see results right away. – Cathy