Stephanie Jones, Certified Hypnotherapist
About Stephanie Jones Astrological Services

Natal and Progressed Reading - $175

Starting with your birth time, date and place which you can send via email or telephone, we make an appointment that will last one and a half hours. I will call you and we will explore your natal horoscope, which is where the planets were when you were born. This shows the characteristic tendencies you were born with, it is not a psychic reading, it is a synthesis of energetic signatures symbolized by the planetary positions at birth. It is a road map of attributes and natural tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. These planets or energetic symbols, move and progress around the chart or areas of the life, approximately a degree per year and this marks the path of our evolutionary growth and what is happening to us now.

So this reading is an in depth exploration of how the planets were arranged when you were born and how they have advanced and configured now with the intention of illuminating the cosmic energy at play in your life now and how to bring some more enlightened imagination and guided awareness to the choices and opportunities that are in play. It is a reading of the unique mandala of energy which is your horoscope.

I make a recording, either a CD, cassette tape or audio file which is sent to you after the session.

Couples Combination Reading - $175

A fascinating look at how two people combine in partnership, either for love, business or friendship. Taking the birth information from both people, we set up a conference session on the phone and explore in depth the mutual harmony and blending as well as the discord, resistance or challenges that potentially exist when two sets of energy combine.

Using the Combination Chart, this reading is for both people to understand their partner in a way not possible otherwise and therefore create heightened compassion, and empowered co-creation.

This awareness allows for a greater understanding of the dynamic between the people and provides wonderful tools for advancing strength of purpose and reducing difficulties.

Progressed Reading - $150

Every six months or more often if intuition suggests, since the planets are moving everyday, we look at what the current astrological weather is and how to align our understanding and therefore our attention and self guidance with the current cosmic energy - just like a yearly check up - its keeps us in touch with "what's going on."

Monthly Consultation or Quickie Question - $25

If you just have a specific question or issue, or want to see a smaller view of the immediate time ahead - don't hesitate to call.