Stephanie Jones, Certified Hypnotherapist
Infinity Rain Brainwave Technology

Benefits of Brainwave Technology and Binaural Beats

I have been listening to various products for over 3 years now and the ones I like the best are from Immrama Institute. They are affordable and really work. I noticed many benefits in my life and would like to share the fastest, easiest most effective way I've found to relax. A lot of people these days find it very hard to relax because of the tons of pressure and stress they get in their everyday lives. While some prefer to spend many hours sleeping, drinking, smoking weed, taking anti-depressants or just continuing to feel overwhelmed and crazy - there is another option - binaural beats.

Binaural beats are regarded by many as a digital drug that has remarkable relaxation and meditation powers.

It is a very effective way of loosening up and freeing up the mind in order to be more focused and efficient in the days ahead. Online binaural beat downloads today are so popular that a lot of people are becoming more and more intrigued by it. Whatever the objective is, here are some surefire benefits of using binaural beats.

  1. Relaxation - taking some time to relax can be tough at times especially when your adrenaline is still pumping for the loads of activities and tasks you did for the day. Most people try to relax by just lying on the couch or bed. But after several minutes, they suddenly feel like moving and doing something again. But with accompaniment of binaural beats, your mind and body will succumb to relaxation.
  2. Sleep Better - regular music and tunes enable you to fall asleep quicker. But with binaural beats, you do not only fall asleep fast, you are also placed in a deep and very relaxing sleep.
  3. Profound Meditation - although there is no scientific proof, a lot of loyalists can attest to the ability of binaural beats in providing very deep levels of meditation. The person listening to these beats are situated in low brainwave frequency while at the same time maintaining a high level of consciousness.
  4. Gives Reason to be Alone - meditation and relaxation is all about being alone. No one should be talking to you and you should not see, hear, or feel any distractions. This is very much possible with the help of binaural beats since the moment you turn it on, you get the irresistible feeling of being with yourself and nobody else, for that moment.
  5. Positive Feeling - music feeds our soul, as they say. But binaural entertainment takes you to another level because it gives you a feeling of contentment and happiness. As a result, you become more inspired and see life the next time around in a more positive and optimistic view.
  6. Makes you Focus More - while binaural music is largely known for relaxing the brain, it is actually a very good helper in keeping it active and focused as well. It eliminates stress and pressure from our minds, thus, making us more focused and attentive to details.
  7. It Heals - obviously, there's no medical claim for this. But what's guaranteed is that those people who value the healing power of binaural beats can attest to how it has improved their health. When you are at a relaxed state of mind, you feel healthier and stronger. It's the psychology of being healthy mentally.
  8. Take Away the Pain - if you are experiencing migraines, headache, muscle pain, and joint pains, listening to binaural beats can help alleviate those pains. Trust me, it does.