Stephanie Jones, Certified Hypnotherapist
Planets Astrological Update

Meet the Next Version of Your Higher Self
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Happy 2013!

Lots of progressive, action oriented energy will be coming our way this year starting with . . . drum roll please . . . Mars, the masculine planet of action, desire, will power and violence, Mars the planet that brings the use of tools, surgery, constructive or destructive energy, Mars which can be either very confronting and purposeful in its need to create, or very angry, irritated and dangerous if its frustrated or thwarted, Mars who rules soldiers and surgeons, Men and the toys of Men, Mars is going retrograde in Virgo January 24, 2012 through April 14, then direct in Virgo until July 4.

So, Mars taking a little waltz around the sign of Virgo seems to be a time to roll up our sleeves and take care of any and every little thing that has come into dis-repair.

I've already started to hear about surgeries that have been postponed for years being scheduled, machines that have lain dormant and broken making themselves known again and getting fixed, psychological wounds welcoming the soothing balm of forgiveness and anger provoking situations feeling some sort of possible solution. It may feel challenging to get these things organized at first, but it will get easier and quicker as the time progresses.

Virgo is about health, food, service and small animals. Mars in Virgo for 7 months this year is a super long time because usually Mars transits through a sign for between 4 to 6 weeks, not months. That's a lot of crud to clean up! Also this is a nice time to reflect on what IS working nicely in our lives and give thanks for how much progress we have made.

Mars went into Virgo in November 2011, so it's already been getting the job done for 3 months. The forward motion, then back, then forward again, means we'll have extra help getting things ordered and healed and cleaned up. We'll have extra help getting back to work and continuing the work of deep inner and outer healing. We don't' get to just skim over the surface; we have to go deep, all the way down to where the rot is.

This is a time to "go to war with your shit" as a good friend of mine stated and that's the offering Mars the planet of action brings in Virgo the sign of perfection. Entire systems can be re-ordered and perfected with this energy to assist. It's time to roll up our sleeves and FIX IT. Bring a quick efficient analysis to that which requires aid, get in, get it done and move on to the next situation.

Watch the tendency to be extremely critical and bitchy and unforgiving, this energy can bring a complete intolerance for stupidity, hoarding and procrastination. Don't complain, just change. Give and receive constructive criticism as a feedback mechanism, to help each other with kindness not judgment. It's a clean, spare, pared down energy which will be a vital balance for Neptune going into Pisces February 4 for the next 15 years, which I will talk about in greater depth closer to the time.

Mars in Virgo tells the truth about everything that is not working, it's relentless and has intense endurance - at its best it's a laser focus of repair, at its worst it's bitter negativity.

Take special care of your small animals. There may be some vegetarian revolution because of some real problem with the health and safety of meat - besides the obvious. We may see much rebellion and revolution concerning food safety, our lack of health care, and the health or lack thereof, of our returning soldiers. The Occupy Movement has plenty of issues to rally around.

Be a warrior for health, not just with diet and exercise, but with healing thoughts and deeds of well being -this is when we get to practice becoming WELL BEINGS in all we do!

Neptune, the planet of illusion is going into Pisces the sign of illusion Today! and it may well bring some new form of magic into all of our lives. Things start to flow finally. It feels like that sensational lift that comes from being in love, the high of creativity and being infused with a dream, imagine being mesmerized by a huge sea of glittering diamonds. The possibilities are endless.

It comes on slowly but surely and doesn't happen all in one day, but watch, the dream is shifting and there is a gradual emergence of a new level of creativity that demonstrates our evolved imaginations. This is Neptune going into Pisces now for the next 15 years. There will be fantastic new images, ideas and events that transform reality.

Now all three higher octave planets are in new signs, Uranus is in Aires, Pluto is in Capricorn and finally Neptune is in Pisces. Hence the constant reminder of the dawning of a new era. The structures have been shaken and fractured enough that the soft Neptune fingers of creative imagination, the possibility of spiritual refinement and enlightenment can come in and give us an alternate personal and collective vision. This new placement of Neptune will stimulate compassion, grace, sensitivity, increased psychic awareness, and a deeper connection to the divine.

Neptune the planet of spirit, that which is ineffable, that which cannot be defined or caught or controlled or held, Neptune the energy of illusion and betrayal and poison, drugs, toxins, oil, the ocean and dreams, is arriving back home. After traveling all around through every sign of the zodiac since 1863 when Neptune was last in Pisces, and after a brief three month preview in 2011 (think about what came into your life last April - July), Neptune is now in Pisces until 2026!

It might feel like "seeing" what's been there the whole time, hidden in plain sight, discovering what you just couldn't figure out a minute ago. You may feel "awakened" to something obvious; see the truth or the wound or the potential of a person, place or thing that wasn't clear before. Notice the pieces to a puzzle gently fall into place. It might also feel like the opposite for a while too, like nothing fits and you don't believe in anything or don't know what you believe in anymore or who you are. Feeling enlightened or confused as to what the new dream, hope or vision is, a feeling of numbness or vagueness while the old dream leaves and before the new one has come in. Therefore, it is a great time to change your image, a new face, body, hair, clothes, or life style.

Moving pictures, spiritualism, hypnotism, seances, slavery, the first oil well, Moby Dick, idealistic manifestos - the history between 1845 and 1863 when Neptune was last in Pisces is fascinating and worth a study because all of those themes will take a huge evolutionary leap in these next 15 years.

We already have a relatively new obsession with 3-D in the movies, which will quickly lead to some next newer version of creating illusion. We'll see holographic projection and then virtual picture participation . . . and on and on, always trying to bridge the ordinary world with the non-ordinary world. Stepping directly into fantasy, time travel, shape shifting and creatures from other dimensions are all becoming part of the norm.

It will be a spiritual and creative renaissance, the next 15 years will bring revolution in music, painting, theater, fashion, photography, pharmaceuticals, the ocean, and of course film. It's a large amount of reality changing focus, some subtle and invisible, some highly fantastical, whimsical and theatrical. Mars in Virgo is a good antidote during this initial phase of Neptune into Pisces, it will help identify the fakirs and snake oil salesmen, the false prophets and out and out liars who will start to wear a new kind of mask and invent new kinds of fraud. Religion is a prime target for re-focus.

Neptune in Pisces is a new "collective reality". The prayer is a Pisces reality of peace and compassion, mystical consciousness; it's about finding a new collective dream. The old dreams are hard to believe in anymore, we need new ones, new myths, new Gods.

Neptune wants so badly a reality beyond this mundane limited place of suffering and hardship. The magical mystical sacred presence of the divine is there and here and everywhere at all times and Neptune in Pisces can give us the new level of consciousness required to understand how to make our brains microscopes and telescopes and kaleidoscopes depending on what kind of vision we need at the time.

Understanding that reality is relative to ones belief, believing makes it so; if you believe it you can achieve it. If you don't believe it, then it becomes impossible. We are looking for renewed faith, and we will find it. We can know our inner Shaman and Healer while we're kicking butt in the material world.

We have to watch that our thirst for illusion and mysticism and escape isn't so rampant and lacking in discernment that we allow a new "magician" or "savior" to come and pull the collective wool over everyone's eyes. We may discover new species and life forms; it's all a reflection of our own evolved imagination and the need to know that which is higher than us. Our imaginations are what have gotten us to this reality, as beautiful and painful as it all is. Our imaginations will now concoct new worlds of magic and possibility and channel the next dimension of the divine. This may also be accompanied by the loss and disappointment one feels when the old dream fades away. Go to sleep to the old, wake up to the new.

Watch for many grand new theatrical productions on the stage of world events.

There's always a dominant drug signature during planetary time periods and Neptune in Aquarius was the horribly destructive addiction to Oxycontin, which has only been around since 1996, as long as Neptune was in Aquarius. Watch for a new wave of pharmaceuticals, even more alluring magical drugs that claim to cure everything. This next decade will be the widespread incorporation of marijuana into the fabric of society, which we in California think has already happened!

The worst part of this placement of Neptune is becoming enslaved by the belief in your own jailer, the most powerful of which is fear. We must watch out for believing in fear, addiction, weakness, sickness, toxicity, betrayal or any other debilitating feeling as a justification for our own imprisonment. The jailers count on the cooperation of the incarcerated for the whole plan to work. It's a great time to break free from whatever enslaves us.

Neptune moving from an air sign into a water sign will make a big difference in the way we perceive information, psychic breakthroughs and renewed interest in our multi dimensional senses will start to rival our obsession with technology. Hypnosis, astral travel, sleep therapy, dream manipulation, consciousness altering of all kinds will be in vogue. The Ocean will take on tremendous new importance, hopefully because we decide to really protect and heal it.

Much shifting is occurring, this is the time when Pisces People come into their own and shine! Wherever Pisces is in your chart is the shore upon which untold magical mystical treasures are washing up and twinkling silently.