Stephanie Jones, Certified Hypnotherapist
What to Expect What to Expect

You've made the decision to experience hypnotherapy to change and heal some condition in your life. Congratulations!

The first session lasts about two hours. You complete a brief intake form and together we assess your needs and goals.

Then I explain hypnosis to you, the mind model and how our subconscious really works. Next, you receive a demonstration so you can experience hypnosis, how it feels, how to make it happen, and deepen your own trance. You'll realize what it means to be your own hypnotist, feeling secure and ready to do the work.

There is direct suggestion and regression hypnosis, among many other techniques. With direct suggestion, in a trance state, you get the suggestions you've explained you want to create your change. With regression, you go into the feeling you want to shift and through many techniques, shift and release that energy to be more productive, healthy and beneficial in your life.

I usually recommend one to five sessions, with an average of three for most conditions like smoking and weight. A lot is accomplished in each session and at the end of the first session tremendous transformation and relief occurs. While sometimes one is enough, more often three sessions are needed. The changes are either very dramatic or very subtle, but always powerful and far-reaching.